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My name is Petra, the founder of Bohemia Home Staging based in Whistler, and I am a professional Home Stager and Feng Shui Specialist with a great sense for detail.

My desire to decorate spaces began when I was a little girl. My mom loved to decorate spaces and collected magazines to decorate and style apartments and gardens like professionals do. As I was flicking through her large magazine collection on a daily basis, I kept dreaming that one day I would be a home designer too.

INTERIOR DESIGN was originally a hobby for me, which later turned into a full time profession. My experience started with design companies in Europe that focused on new buildings from a practical and design point of view. I helped to design anything from hotel rooms to my friends’ summer lake houses and airbnbs.

Gradually, the interest in my services grew and so my dream came true in 2021, when I completed my Certified UltimateStager from Ultimate Academy and I became a certified Home Stager. Then I decided to study the Feng Shui home style and in 2022 I became a Feng Shui Specialist and started the Home Staging business.

What I love most about home staging and interior design is listening to the needs of my clients, as I deeply care about creating lovable and beautiful living spaces for them.

Petr is my partner in Bohemia Home Staging company and in my life as well. He has a great sense of detail and is essential for our operations. He provides technical support and is my ‘second eye’ during the entire home staging project.

Priority: To create a quality environment, both aesthetically and functionally.

Our company works with residential and commercial spaces and turns them into modern contemporary designs. We are helping homeowners and real estate agents sell their property quickly and at the highest price!

Bohemia Home Staging company helps buyers imagine the potential of a home by highlighting all the benefits of your property. We have the knowledge, we understand the sales market and we maximize the potential of your house.