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We will introduce you to a few simple Feng Shui adjustments that can shift the energy around you and help you attract what you are seeking in your personal and professional life.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese design practice of arranging the space around us and literally translates as “Wind and Water. When wind and water are balanced and flowing, nature is in harmony.”

This design philosophy has only recently caught on in Real Estate.

Most of us have heard about the Principles of Feng Shui....


This energy is in and around us, we are talking about the life force of all living things. It’s the quality of the environment, the power of the sun, moon and the weather systems and it is the driving force in all human beings.

There are a few types of Chi: Earth Chi, Personal Chi. Heaven Chi, Sha Chi. For example, the Earth Chi is important to consider when preparing a home for sale. Healthy and happy gardens create good Chi energy.


The Five Elements

Yin and Yang Energy

As we apply the principles of Feng Shui, the objective is to achieve a balance between the two energies.

The balance between the Yin element (Metal and Water), and the Yang element (Fire and Earth) will help you to achieve a more harmonious life.

Feng Shui Home Staging in your kitchen:

Kitchens are overwhelmed with the Fire element – oven, microwave and stove.

The element that drains Fire is Earth. Incorporate the Earth Element into your kitchen with square shapes and ceramic material. Yellow, brown, green or bright red colors are good ways to bring in Feng Shui elements as well.

Stage kitchen countertops with decorative items, a bowl of fruit, real plant or a vase of flowers. Keep the space spotlessly clean and clutter free. Achieving a neat clean and organized space is beneficial for creating positive Chi.

Physical clutter = Mental clutter.

One of the most important rooms in your home is your bedroom. It’s a place for relaxation, healing, sleeping etc.

Remove electronics, office desk or any exercise equipment from your bedroom. Place the bed in the command position, it’s recommended to use a headboard from solid wood, Place mirrors to reflect the outdoors – mirrors should not face the bed.

The Bagua Energy map

The Bagua Energy map will help you to make more sense of your space. It’s an energy map superimposed on the floor plan of your home. It is divided into 9 areas and each of these areas has corresponding seasons, color, shape, number, etc as you can see in the picture. Applying the Bagua energy map together with Feng Shui can help you overcome chaotic times in our complex world. This technique is becoming really popular thanks to its results.

Get in touch with us and we are happy to show you how these and other principles of Feng Shui can help you achieve a more harmonious house.

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